Counting Months

I almost skipped this lesson.  I have posted topics on counting years and weeks already.  Months can be counted with either pure Native Korean or Sino-Korean numerals.  Months(in duration) can be counted in Korean using 달 (dal, native) or 개월 (gae wol, Sino-Korean) as marker.  So one month can be expressed as 한 달 (han dal) or 일 개월 (il gaewol).

In talking about months as in January, February March etc, knowing how to count 1 to 12 in Sino-Korean plus the constant marker 월 (wol)  followed by optionally pronounced marker 달 (dal) is the key.  In a mathematical expression the formula is <Sino-Korean Number>+ 월 + 달.

Below are the months in Korea, 달 is enclosed in parenthesis indicating it’s optionally pronounced:

  • 일월 (달) – ilwol (dal), January
  • 이월 (달) – iwol (dal), February
  • 삼월 (달) – samwol (dal), March
  • 사월 (달)  – sawol (dal), April
  • 오월 (달)  – owol (dal), May
  • 유월 (달)  – yuwol (dal), June
  • 칠월 (달) – chilwol (dal), July
  • 팔월 (달) – palwol (dal), August
  • 구월 (달) – guwol (dal), September
  • 시월 (달) – shiwol (dal), October
  • 십일월 (달) – shipilwol (dal), November
  • 십이월 (달) – shipiwol (dal), December

4 Replies to “Counting Months”

  1. A.Thank you for this wonderful site
    B spelling mistake: 집일월 should be 십일월 and 집이월 should be 십이월.

  2. 고마와요. I really need some proofreading before posting 🙂 I only use global IME for Korean character input so it’s kinda hard too as my keyboard is not descriptive of the actual character.

  3. Just a question from a yearning-to-learn-korean person, which is me:

    When i watch korean shows they hardly count like:

    il, i, sam, sa, o, yuk, chil…

    instead they count:

    Ha, dhe, se, neh…

    So, which way is the proper way?
    And how do i learn to count they way they count?



    1. Counting things is normally done using the Native Korean numbers. The Sino Korean is mostly used when counting money, minutes of time, years if you notice these are things you count that exceeds the limitation of the native korean numbers. Please search on my post on nuumbers =) thanks.

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