Sino-Korean Numbers

Given that the native Korean numbers are just up to 99, the numbers borrowed from Chinese called Sino-Korean Numbers are therefore widely used purely or in combination with Native Korean numerals.  Check the link to know the Sino Korean Numbers.

Sino Korean numbers are generally used to express the following:

  • Dates (시월 십일 – shiwol ship-il or October 10)
  • Money (이천 원 – ichon won or 2000 WON)
  • Foreign loan words
  • Minutes and Seconds (hours are expressed using Native Korean numbers)

Years are normally counted using the Sino-Korean numbers followed by marker 년 (-nyon) which means year, an example would be 삼년 (samnyon) – 3 years.  Counting years in Native Korean number is acceptable although it is a common practice to use this numeral up 2 years and it is followed by marker 해 (hae) instead of inyon. 


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