Dealing with Numbers

My post for new year  of 2008 was mainly numbers in Korean.  I specifically learned to count 1 to 10 and suceeding numbers in mutiples of 10 such as 20, 30, 40 etc.  I was a bit reluctant to to learn further on numbers as I am more interested in learning the parts of speech, particles and rules.  There is one chapter of the book Elementary Korean that deals with number.  I did not know what I am missing until I read this chapter.

The first set of numbers I have learned are the native Korean numbers.  So if there is native way of numeral expression then there is borrowed which is the Sino-Korean.  This form of counting is borrowed from Chinese as the name Sino suggests.

Some general information on numeral expression, first, the native Korean numbers are up to 99 only anything up is counted or expressed using the Sino-Korean numbers.  Due to the list of numbers, i have decided to put up a separate page for this numbers.   Just click on the link to see the numerals.

The page also explains the system or pattern in stating and writing compound numbers like 101, 32 or 1450.  Numbers are important, when I went to Korea last April, I was foolish not to give importance to this so I end up doing sign language when paying food or merchandise on the street/market.  Keeping in mind the Sino-Korean numbers are helpful as money is counted using this.


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