Expressing ‘I want to be…’

My previous post is on the use of the descriptive auxilliary verb -고 싶어 (-go shipo). As I mentioned it’s used to express own desires, wishes or wants.  Exemptions are mentioned in the post, it cannot be used to express other’s people’s wishes.  Another exemption is what I am posting today.

When you want to say ‘I want to be a pilot’,  this auxilliary verb cannot be used along with the copula 이에요 (i-e-yo).  This copula as mentioned in my previous post could mean to be like or establish existence.  So you can’t say  초종사가 하고 싶어이에요 (chojongsaga hago shipoieyo).  Instead, to express I want to be or to become <noun>,  the verb 되 should be used (dwe which means to become).  Therefore,

나는 초종사가 고 싶어요 (Nanun chojongsaga dwego shipoyo) is the right way to say I want to become a pilot. Removing Nanun would still mean the same, as subject can be removed is Korean statements.


One Reply to “Expressing ‘I want to be…’”

  1. LOL this reminds me of DBSK’s “Hug”. So now it makes sense. Never knew 되고 싶어요 is used to say “I want to be(come)… ”

    btw, i’ve been reading your posts since the first one 🙂 i’m slowly learning the language too and everytime i stop, i’ll forget and will have to start from scratch again. but your entries are really useful cos the book i have isn’t really helpful and another proper basic elementary korean book would cost me a bomb :X can’t afford that, yet. thanks a lot!

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