Easter in Korean

It’s Easter Sunday today and it’s good to know how easter greetings are said in Korean.  I am not sure if Christianity is a major religion in South Korea but I read there are Christians there though most do not have specific religion but are following Confucianism.

I asked over at yahoo answers how to say Happy Easter in Korea and this is what I got:

부활절을 잘 보내세요 – Puh-wha-choreul Jal  Bo-nae-se-yo

I just realized its not so different to how you say merry christmas you just change  부활절을 to 성탄절 song-tan-chol.  부활절을 (minus 을 which is object marker)  means Easter so 부활절을 잘 보내세요 literally means ‘have a well blessed easter’. 

I was thinking Christians in English speaking countries uses Happy Easter so probably in Korean this can be said this way too:

부활절 행복해세요 – Pu-wha-chol Heng-bok-hae-se-yo (in honorific polite terms) or drop the 세 so you will have  부활절 행복해요 – Pu-wha-chol Heng-bok-hae-yo  in polite casual or again drop the 요 ‘yo’ to make it intimate.


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