What Month is it?

Month in Korea is either 달 (tal) or 월 (wol). 월 (Wol ) is commonly seen as the last character block or syllable for each month.  달 (Tal) is more used as a noun.  Below are the 12 months in Korean:

  • 일월 (Irwol) – January
  • 이월 (Iwol) – February
  • 삼월 (Samwol) – March
  • 사월 (Sawol) – April
  • 오월 (Owol) – May
  • 유월 (Yuwol) – June
  • 칠월 (Chirwol) – July
  • 팔월 (Palwol) – August
  • 구월 (Guwol) – September
  • 시월 (Siwol) – October
  • 십일월 (Shipilwol) – November
  • 십이월 (Shipiwol) – December

2 Replies to “What Month is it?”

  1. hello! may I know whats 29th august in korean cos thats my friend’s birhday and i wanted to surprise her cos she learns korean too! ^^ thank you

    1. 오늘 팔월 이십구일이에요 (Oneul Palwol ishipku il ieyo) means Today is August 29. But August 29 is just 팔월 이십구일 (Palwol ishipku)

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