Verbs: Descriptive and Processive

In most of my readings on learning hangul, verbs have been described as the most important part of Korean sentence. Korean verbs can be generally classified as

  • Descriptive – functions like an adjective, something that you use in a sentence ‘it is…’
  • Processive – is the action word similar to the English counterpart

Some basic rules I learned from the book on use of verbs:

  • Descriptive verbs cannot take an object word marked as with particle ( or ) only processive verbs can take this word. 
  • Processive verbs can also take indirect object marked with particle (한테 or 에게) and (한테서 or 에게서)
  • Copula 있어요 (issoyo) and 없어요 (opsoyo) cannot take object marked with ( or ). This means you cannot say  집을있어요 (Jipeul issoyo) — pertaining to house or has house/house exists.  This should be stated this way à 집이 있어요 (Jip-i issoyo).

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