Christmas Greetings

I missed writing on this site as I was aways for couple of days for a vacation.   Since it is nearing Christmas, I asked my Korean friend how to extend greetings this holiday the Hanguk way.

At least from movies and dramas I watched, Koreans celebrates Christmas too. My friend said that they also use Merry Christmas and Happy New Year when greeting people but there is of course the Hanguk way.  Christmas is called 성탄절 (seong-tan-jeol) in Korea as such Merry Christmas can be said this way in Korea:

  • 성탄절 잘 보내 (seong-tan-jeol jal boe-nae) jal means to be good so i think this is wishing someone to have a good christmas.
  • 기쁜 성탄 (gi-ppeun seong-tan) since gippeun is happy in Korean I think this means happy christmas.
  • 크리스마스 잘 보내 (ku-ri-su-ma-su jal boe-nae) is a more common greetings.  One may find it funny its romanized that way but this is simply because of some hangul phoenetic rules but pronunciation is really not that far with the smooth Christmas in English.

4 Replies to “Christmas Greetings”

  1. Hello,

    This is so helpful. Thanks! My co-teacher just suggested maybe adding seo (please) to the end.

    So if you do that, then it will look like this:

    성탄절 잘 보내 서ㅣ

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!!

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