Verb called 샆어 (shipo)

I skipped some lessons from my book and jumped over this very special word 싶어 which is used to express wishes.  This is of course the infinitive form as the base word is (싶-). This however cannot stand on is own.   I am interested in this word as I always hear this in most Korean songs that I am listening.  I also noticed that this verb is always preceeded by 고 (ko) which is actually an ending required after a processive base, as such the usual pattern is    -고 싶어 (intimate) or -고 싶어요 (polite).

The use of this word was explained by my language partner before that 싶어 is used to express owns wishes and desire (cannot be used on other persons wishes but with exemption).  He mentioned this is one of the nuances of Hangul and I guess what he is pertaining to is when it can be used for second party.  The book mentioned it can be used in second-person question like ‘Do you wish or Do you want“.  This can be an example of its use:

  • 할머니가 보고 싶어요 (Halmonika bogo shipoyo)  – I want/wish to see grandmother.
  • 새 식다은 가고 싶어요 (Sae siktangun kago shipoyo) – I want to go to the new restaurant. 

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