The Possessive 의

Now I had the impression that Koreans are not fond of using pronouns unlike in English that its even gender specific.  It is preferred to address people in their titles or names. 

Another thing I learned is the use of 의 to indicate possession.  In English we normally add ‘s in pronouns to indicate possession.  For example when asked ‘whose pen is this?’, we can simply answer “it’s her’s” or “it’s Joan’s”.  This is where 의 comes in.  This particle is added to a noun to indicate possession.


Mr. Kim’s book —>  김 선생님

Jane’s skirt —> 제인 치마


2 Replies to “The Possessive 의”

  1. I actually have not found a really good website that teaches Korean in greater detail. Most of the sites I have visited introduces Hangul and some of the basic things you need to know about the language. Maybe you have this book already, right now I find it very structured and effective in learning the language. It is called Elementary Korean by Yoon Jae Hoon and Ross King. It gives a comprehensive explanation on how particles are used. If you don’t have this yet, I suggest you get a copy of this book.

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