Say Excuse Me

People tend to say ‘excuse me’ when they are about to say or do something which they feel may be offending or distracting to another person or the situation.  In the Philippines, it is polite to say ‘excuse me’ when you are to pass in the middle of two persons talking or if you need to leave the table in a gathering while everyone is still seated.

These are the 한글 counterpart of  the phrase ‘excuse me’

실례합니다  (sil-lye-ham-ni-da) is like saying excuse me for what I am doing

실례핬습니다 (sil-lye-hass-sum-ni-da) is excuse me for what I did

실례하겠습니다 (sil-lye-ha-gess-sum-ni-da)  is excuse me for what I will be doing

Word for the day 아니오 (a-nio) simply means ‘no’.


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