My Name is…

After knowing how to greet people the 한극  way, it is just logical to know how to introduce yourself.  This is just the basic way:

제 이름은 <your name>이에요. This is similar to saying ‘My name is <actual name>.  You can just simply put your English name written in alphabet but if you know how to write your name in 한글 it would be better.  Like my name Jane is spelled 제 인.  So i can introduce myself as 제 이름은 제 인 이에요 (Che i-reum-un JeIn-i-eyo).  제 can be replaced with 제가 (che-ga) or 나는 (na-nun) which both means ‘I’.

Word for the day 문 (moon) which means door.


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  1. how can i write my name in hangul???
    engku puteriz
    siti halimah
    siti aishah
    ssiti khaddijah
    siti haaawa
    nurzakiatul husna
    ahmad izul iman
    ahmad nasaruddin
    nurul azreen

    1. lots of names here. i am guessing your name is engku puteriz here is how you write it in Hangul 엥구 (engku) 푸테리즈(puteriz)

      1. hi nur there is no z in hangul instead it is replace by ㅈ which is j when romanized.

      1. 마리야 (Mariya) 루왤라 (Lu-wae-la) i think this is how your name will be spelled in Korean. The sounds from hangul characters are quite limited compared to English. The writing style also affects how your name can be written to simulate the sound pronunciation.

    1. your name will be written as 지티 in hangul. its actually ziti with z pronounced more of soft ‘ch’, there is no hangul counterpart for si which is similar to sound of ci in the word city. ㅅ is normally pronounced as shi when followed by ㅣ which has the sound of ‘i’ in hangul.

      1. 라실린 – this is the closest i can think of for rashleen. its actually ra-shil-lin. i guess it’s the nearest by pronunciation.

    1. 리제트 (licheteu) this i guess is how you would spell your name in Hangul. As you can see it’s romanized as licheteu but the ‘eu’ in the end is almost voiceless. Z in hangul is ㅈ of j/ch in pronunciation they don’t have the exact ‘z’ and they don’t use the s sound of ㅅ for it.

      1. Oh i see, Thank you very much for the explanation and response

        by the way, this blog is quite interesting and helpful, you’re doing a good work!

    1. it’s 잰니퍼
      pronounced as jenipo. ㄹ which has the ‘r’ or ‘l’ sound is normally ‘swallowed’ whenever it occurs as final consonant otherwise its pronounced more l sound.

  2. can u translate my name?
    is it will become like this?
    any meaning of that in hangul?

    i try to find for a dictionary which can help me to translate english words to hangul pronunciation.
    LOVE -> sarang
    PLEASE -> jebal

    like that, but i didnt find the dic so far. can u help me?
    where can i find that dict?

    1. 나다아 -this would be pronounced more as na-dee-ah rather than na-dee-yah. it would be better to write 나디야.

      1. thanks for that bernard. it was wrongly written in hangul it should have been 나디아 my bad. well i suggested that the name be written as 나디야 rather than 나디아 because nadia because this is pronounced as nadiya. there is no one single vowel i-a sound.

      2. And…. i’m sorry but the page Hangul Characters has a correction…
        it says ㅓis oe… but actually ㅓ is eo

    1. you have written it correctly though the pronunciation for this would be jeshica. ㅅ becomes shi when followed by ㅣ

  3. Hi!, I would like to know my name in hangul
    Zyanya Rios
    and how to pronunce it
    Thank you very much in advance 🙂

    1. You mean written in Hangul Zyanya is 지얀야 (jiyanya) there is no z in hangul it is commonly written as ㅈ (sound j or ch) in Korean.
      리요스 (Riyosu) this is so far the nearest in terms of pronunciation for Rios.

    1. Based on the pronunciation of your name it should be
      카렌 (karen)
      에르산도 (ereusando) — in hangul when ㄹ which is the character representing sound r and l is sandwiched by vowels it takes r sound otherwise its l. in the case of your name it cannot be spelled as 엘산도 (it will be pronounced as elsando instead) as such ㅡ is added to ㄹ.

      1. azreen is a bit difficult to write in Korean because there is no z in their sound more like s or j.
        아지린 (ajirin) or 아스린 (aseurin) or 아즈린 (ajeurin)
        알리샤 (al-li-sya)

  4. I’d like to know my name in hangul also.
    Three ways to say my name, can you do all of them? XD

    Arie / or A-Ri (Ah-Ri)


  5. Hi!
    I’d love to know what my name is in Hangul! 😀
    I was raised catholic, and in my country catholic people give their children more than one name (they call me by my first name) so I was wondering if you could maybe translate all of my names (4) for me..?
    My full name is Duco Andréas Markus Jan Werkman.
    Everyone calls me Duco, which is my first name. Werkman is my family name.

    Also, my sister is obsessed with Korea and I can’t think of something that makes her more happy than knowing what her name is in Hangul 😛
    Could you please translate her names too? You’d really make her happy with that!
    Her name is Merel Astrid Adriana Maria Werkman.
    Merel is her first name 🙂

    Kind regards,

    Duco (from The Netherlands)

    1. It’s a bit difficult to write your name in Hangul as the combination of sounds are more complicated, but this could be the closest:
      두코 (Duco)
      안드래야스 (Andeuraeyaseu) –eu sound similar to short ‘i’ as in i in bird, this sound is almost swallowed in Korean when in final position.
      마르구스 (Mareukuseu) in the typical Korean pronunciation sound of ‘r’ is dropped for English names so it may occur that your name can be written 머구스 (Mokuseu) just like the common Korean surname Park which is 박 Pak when spelled in Hangul.
      잔 (Jan)
      왝만 (Waekman)

      for your sister…
      메렐 (Merel)
      아스트리드 (Aseuteurideu) – this is the most difficult to translate it looks long in Korean characters this is because sounds in Korean block of character follows consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) or in some instance CVCC or CV. there are also some rules on final sounds.
      마리야 (mariya)

      Words are mostly spelled by sound in Korean and its not as complicated as the English vowel except for some rules on consonant sounds, i think the above translation is closest to the name pronunciation.

      1. Thank you very much!
        So this is what my name would be like when I’d move to Korea 😛
        Btw, do you say your family name first when you introduce yourself to someone? And do you also write it before your first name?

        Thanks a lot for the professional translation and information 😀

  6. Annyeonghaseyo…
    i wanna ask you
    how can i write my name in hangul?
    because i’ve been so interested about korea
    my name is
    Saur Lumongga
    thanks so much for your answer

    1. 사울 (Saur)
      루멍가 (Lumongga)
      for your name the way i have written is above could be pronounced as Saul in Korean since ㄹ is sounding more of ‘r’ when it is sandwiched by two vowel sounding characters but as final consonant it takes the sound of letter ‘L’. As you know ㄹ is either r or l in hangul. So it may be that your name will be better written this way– 사우르 (Saureu) the eu at the end is almost in most cases no longer heard when pronounced in Korean.

  7. hi jane..
    i’m jalilah frm m’sia..

    just found ur blog…
    very informative for a beginner like me..

    just wanna ask you how to write my name in 한글.

    is it right to write my name like this?

    JALILAH — 자리랗

    1. Hi Jalilah thanks for dropping by. I think your name should be spelled this way instead:
      잘릴랗 – Jal.lil.lah

      if you ask why, the way you spelled your name original 자리랗 will be pronounced more as Jarirah. This is because the ㄹ character sounds more of r when sandwiched between two vowel sounds.

  8. Annyong haseyo…
    i wanna ask you
    how can i write my name in hangul?
    my name is Rossa Wulandari
    thanks a lot…Kamshammnida

    1. Sorry was a bit busy the past days your name could be written as
      하사낳 (Hasanah)
      할소요 (Harsoyo) though I must caution you that this spelling would typically be pronounced as Halsoyo due to some rules on pronunciation of ㄹ sound. If you wanna be strict with the pronunciation it can be written as 하르소요 (hareusoyo) the ‘eu’ sound is almost dropped, just to stress r as the sound of the ㄹ character.

      1. wah…..
        ur the best….
        oke….thenkyu for sharing…
        thenkyu for all….
        im sorry for any message…

  9. hye there.. can u believe that i read all the responses here..
    honestly, u are amazing and brilliant.. im now starting to love this..
    u are really make me say WOW…!
    just wondering is hangul is one of korean language?

    1. Hangul is actually how you write in Korean language =) thanks for keeping with me — reading my posts. I actually mellowed down on posting due to my schedule but I always make it a point to review so as not to waste what I learned. Still struggling with oral communication though.

  10. and im sorry…for any massage for u….
    i dont know my name in hangul…
    and my name in korean name….
    in my country name my family in back my name…..
    please help me…..
    my name


    im from in indonesia…

    thenks alot…

    please help me….

    thenks for all…

  11. Hello there. Can you help me out with my name? I’m Kashmira. it’s pronounce as Kash-mi-ra. Will be greatly happy if you can spell it in hangul. Thank you 😀

    1. hi kashimira! your name can be written this way 카시마라 (ka-shi-mi-ra). Sorry but its not possible to write kash in one character block due to pronunciation rules. Also ka in this spelling is bears the ‘ah’ sound as in the word aligned but if its in American pronunciation, you can use 캐 (kae) instead of 가. This sounds like ‘a’ of apple. 캐시미라 (kae-shi-mi-ra).

    1. it should be 재리 romanized as Jaeri but pronunced at Jerry. G in Korean only has the ‘g’ sound as in gold unlike in English where it can share sound as j in pronunciation.

  12. please guys, help me to know the equivelent hangul name to my name!!

    Zekra mones

    and my friends’ names also:

    Hind Onazi + Wadha mutairi

    Saudi Arabia,,,, I’m waiting please… I want the spelling and the pronouciation…


    1. 재그라 (Jaekeura) this is my suggested spelling of your name considering the rules in pronunciation in Hangul. as i always mentioned for the z sound the counterpart in Korean is ㅈ which has the j or ch sound. same goes with the use of the character ㄹ which bears the r or l sound, for it to have the r sound it should be sandwiched by vowel sound. you can also spell your name this way 새그라 (Saekeura) though this may sound near z because of s sound of ㅅ it’s not how Koreans will spell your name but it’s probably the nearest sound to zekra. 모네스 (Moneseu) is how you write your surname.

      for your two other friends:
      힌드 오나지 (Hindeu Onaji) the eu is almost voiceless as final vowel of the name Hind.
      왇하 무타이리 (Watha Mutari) the sound of ㄷ as final consonant is almost like t. this is some rules on pronunciation.

      hope this helps.

  13. heey there. (:
    is it possible for you to translate my name tooo pleease? 🙂

    my naame is vivian lee. (:

    thaanks in advance !

    1. hi vivian this is my suggestion:

      비비안 this is if your name is pronounced as vivian with last syllable more of yan sound but if its a little slang like more of yen at the end vi-vi-yen then it should be
      while your name is sure common for Korean and its written as 이 ‘ee’ in sound but romanized as Lee.

  14. Kumawoo Jeni shi
    Thank you very much for your reply
    I’m so happy 🙂

    but can I ask something?… the Kprean people used to put the family name at the beginnig , and it’s very short(one symbole) … for example: Kim, Lee, Hn, …etc.
    So could the family name be just Mo?

  15. hello..

    just wanna ask..
    since so many quest had been answered..

    how to write my name in hangul?? my name is nurin qistina…
    its complicated as i tried…

    plus, my friend said her hangul name is
    kyung soon wherelse
    her real name is fatihah…
    she said that it depends on the meaning of our name and she didnot tell me how she got the name…
    can someone pls help me??
    or atleast give me the website…

    1. hi i can write your name in Hangul but I cannot give you a Korean name. I think its a bit complicated you have to know your name i Chinese based on what i read. anyway this is how you write your name in Korean. 누린 (nurin) 기스티나 (if the pronunciation of your name is something line kistina as in K of karat).

  16. Hey, can you please translate my name into hangul? It’s cantonese but I’d like to know how to write it in korean. Thanks so much

      1. her name can be spelled in Hangul this way: 지티 줄리아나 (Ji-ti Jul-li-a-na). You might be wondering why its ‘J’ instead of ‘S’, this is because by rule of pronunciation in Hangul ㅅ which stands for s sound when followed by l (sound of ee) automatically becomes sh in sound– so its a bit awkward to spell her name 시티 as it will be pronounced as shiti.

      2. thank you, sorry for bothering you. my family want to know their name in hangul, can you please do it? 🙂
        – Animah
        – Bakaruddin
        – Nur Iman Firdaus

        thank you 🙂

      3. Here are my suggested translations:

        아니마 (a-ni-ma)
        바까루띤 (ba-ka-ru-din)
        눌 이만 피르다우스 (nue iman pirudauseu)

    1. oh no i can only write your name in hangul but i don’t know how to translate your chinese name to korean.
      양 왜 시양 (Yang Wei Siyang)

    1. hi hamasu… this is how your name should be written:

      하마수 (Hamasu with su pronounced like su in sultan) if the sound of su in your name is a bit short then it can be written as 하마스 (Hamaseu). The ‘eu’ sound is like short ‘uh’.

    1. i can’t do translation but i can write your name in Hangul. 에이시얀 (e-i-shi-yan) this is how its supposed to be written if my understanding of the pronunciation of your name is correct.

    1. it should be 셀리나 (Sellina) i used ㄹ double so it would not sound as serina. jae is 재 in hangul so that would be.

      셀리나 재

  17. Hi,

    Can you please translate my name into hangul. This is what I think it may be, but the ‘w’ is still there. Is this because ‘w’ is not written in hangul? Also, what would the number 2 be in hangul?

    cameron newman
    잠엘온 네w만

    thank you very much for your time.

    Cameron Newman

    1. hi thanks for dropping by cameron. your name as you wrote it would read 잠엘온 네w만 (jameron newman). firs things first, your first name should have been written as 카메론 (kameron- phonetic spelling). now your surname in hangul will depend on how you pronounce it this is are the possible variation:

      느만 (neuman, eu would sound like u in the word rumor)
      뉴만 (nyuman)

  18. Hi! Nice website. It helped me alot.

    Could you tell me what is my name in Hanggul? My name is Wise. And I would like to know how to introduce myself as as the paragraph up there. Sorry for the inconvenience because I do not know how to read Hanggul. 🙂 Thanks alot!

    1. your name should be spelled this way 와이스 (wa-i-seu). So you can simply say:
      Annyeonghaseyo, Wise-imnida. When you pronounce it the Korean way its wa-ee-seu

  19. Hello! I just want to know how to write my name in hangul.
    My english name is Fiona, and my chinese name in full is Teo Wei Feng.
    I tried to translate my english name to hangul, but because there’s no “f” in hangul, i dont know how to translate, and for the chinese name, i have totally no idea. Please help me translate my name to hangul, thanks loads! 😀

    1. hi fiona your name should be spelled this way ni Hangul 피요나 (Piyona). Now your chinese name hope i got the pronunciation right because I am not too familiar with how Chinese is turned to alphabet in terms of pronunciation. I asked a Chinese friend to tell me how your name is pronounced:
      태오 (Taeo)
      왜 (Wae)
      픙 (Peung)

  20. Hey, could you help me with mine? Sinead Fegan (Sinead pronounced Shin-ade) I’m pretty sure Sinead stars with 신 (Shin) right?

    1. yup 신 is Shin. So your name should be spelled this way:
      신아이드 (Shin-a-i-deu)
      패간 (Paegan) there is no ‘f’ sound in Korean so the closest sound would be ‘p’

      1. nic = sound like nick
        rye = sound like hi but with r…
        its hard to explain since english is not my 1st language…hope u understand….^^

      2. im waiting for your reply…..sorry…my mistake that i dun ever look till da bottom of da page….haha….i thought da same….but still need da confirmation from the expert..XD XD XD…..thank you Janey sshi….^^

  21. Hi! I want to know if what I think my name in hangul is correct 😀 my name is Jica. my “i” is like the “ee” for “see” 😀 everytime i write my name in hangul.. i write it like this, 지가. But, i don’t know if the right characters are, 지카 or 지까 or 치카, etc. 😀 😀 so, i was wondering which one is correct. Thank you!

    1. 지카 – i think this is the best way to spell your name if you pronounce your name with ‘k’ sound not aspirated (no air) then you can use 까 instead of 카. ㄱ takes ‘g’ sound when in between vowels.

  22. hey there 🙂 do you mind telling me my name in hangul? with the romanization as well. thanks alot 😀 my name is juliana leekay

    1. 줄리야나 (jul-li-ya-na) i had to use ㄹ as final and beginning consonant to make the sound ‘l’ otherwise ‘r’ will be used when pronounced.
      이게이 (ee-ke-i) i am not sure if the pronunciation of kay is correct.

  23. Hi, can you tell my how to spell my name in hangul???? 🙂
    It’s Veronika Licheva 😛 thanks 🙂

    1. thanks for visiting here is my suggested spelling of your name
      베로니카 (beronika)
      리체바 (licheba)
      In Korean, v is simulated with b sound.

    1. i spelled the first name depending on how you pronounce ‘ra’ of raden:
      래덴 (raeden with rae as in ‘ra’ sound of the word rain)
      라덴 (raden as in the ‘ra’ sound of the word rap)
      라니 (rani)

    1. hmmm this is my suggestion 제네비브 (jenebibeu) the eu at the end is a bit swallowed otherwhise you can write your name this way too
      제네빕 (jenebip) it was sound a little like p at the end.

  24. hi!

    I read that South Korea’s local elections is up on June 2. I’d like to know how do South Koreans vote.

    I hope you can enlighten me. Thanks a lot.

    1. I don’t have an idea. I have not been to Korea during elections but since Korea is a technologically advance country i would expect it to be electronic.

  25. Hello, I found your blog and I saw that you can spell people’s name into hangul..
    So can you spell my name Nia Iznie in hangul please? 😉 It’s pronounce as
    Ni-a Iz-Ni. Thank you~
    Anyway, other than change english name into hangul, can any name change into a Korean name? I’m just curious. Thank you. ;D anyway, It’s fun reading your blog. At least I learn something at here although just for a while because I’m busy this year. anyway, Thank you again. :DDD

    1. hi nia. you need to have ask a Korean to give you a Korean name. I think you need to know what your name means so you would be able to have one. Normally there is no translation of foreign names to Korean unless you name is something like Rain which is 비 or bi in Korean. anyway i hope i got the pronunciation of your name correctly so this is how you spell it.

      니야 (niya) i am guessing a sounds like a ya when it is preceeded by i.
      잊니 (itni) this may sound a bit like ‘t’ because the sound of j cannot occur as a final consonant.

  26. could you help me to write my name in Hangul? please ^^”
    I’m tring to register at Korean website, they ask to type my Hangul name even though it’s a resignation for foreigners ^^;

    May name is “Yosra” (You-sra)
    Also, I would like to know how to write my nickname “Karaz” ^^

    1. wow this is the first time i learned this. i have been registering to some Korean sites as foreigner and they don’t normally ask me to write may name in hangul.
      anyway 여스라 (Yeoseura) s and r cannot occur in the same character block in Hangul their pattern is V-C or V-C-V or V-C-V-V so this is the closest spelling for your name.

      카라지 (karaji) z is normally written as ㅈ in Korean they don’t have the shapr sound of z as in zoo. unless you want to write your nickname as 카라즈 (karajeu)

  27. hey my name is Nur fatihah how do u say it, n write it in hangul…my nickname is Nur…how? i want to know my name in hangul… thnx.. ^_^

  28. hello janey.. how to write all of these names in hangul:
    cyebriancca (this pronounced as si-brianka)

    thanx for the answer! 🙂

  29. Hi, I would like to know my name in hangul
    and how to pronunce it.
    my name is ‘liang xiang ying’
    ” 梁祥莹 ”

    thankyou very much for helping ^^

      1. 패데리카 (pederika) this is the closest spelling i cant think of for your name. unfortunately there is no ‘f’ character in Korean it is simulated with the sound of p.

    1. it would be best to have your name converted in Hangul by someone whoc an read chinese unfortunately i don’t know how to read chinese character. Someone may be able to actually provide a Korean name for you if you provide this characters.

    2. it would be best to have your name converted in Hangul by someone whoc an read chinese unfortunately i don’t know how to read chinese character. Someone may be able to actually provide a Korean name for you if you provide this character.

    1. this is the closest spelling i can think of for the name justine as ‘s’ sound is not possible as final consonant in Korean.
      자스틴 (jaseutin)

  30. Hi can you please tell me how to write my name in korean and how to say it? My name is : Celina. Thanks ^_^v

  31. annyong haseyo!
    i am starting to learn korean then i found your blog..
    i found it interesting and very helpful in my learning..
    but, i need your help in spelling my name..
    my name is Syamimi Nursyafikah..
    can u please help me to spell it?
    i’ll be very thankful.. ^^
    kamsahamnida! ❤

      1. 시야 (shiya)
        느르 (nureu)
        시야 (shiya)
        피 (pi)
        it’s a bit long…

      2. oh.. thank u.. i’ve been spelling my name like this:
        샤 미 미 눌샤 피 갛
        can i actually use this?
        or use ur translation?
        sory for being annoying.. ^^
        i’m just curious.. ~lol

    1. 시예나 라이 모루 (Siyena Ra-ee Moru) this the closest i can think of in spelling your name.

  32. awesome, I’m also interested in knowing my name is hangul. It’s Thuy Vo. Pronounced as “twee”. 🙂 thank you! Also – I’m also trying to buy something from a Korean site as a foreigner, but they wanted the hangul of my name. xD

    1. hi Thuy! thanks for dropping by. your name can be written this way:
      뒤 (twee)
      보 (bo) there is no v in Korean sound more of b sound.

    1. hi fiona, your name can be written as 피요나 (Piyona). Korean doesn’t have the f sound nearest sound would be p.

  33. hi !
    my name is angei penales .
    how can i write my name in hangul ?
    please reply .
    thank you !

    1. Hi angei! i am not sure how you pronounce your name so i might give you a wrong spelling in Korean character.

  34. hello.. thanks to your blog and for extending a little help to others.. i would like also to know how will you say in korean ” always take care” thank u janey ^_^

    1. hmm i am not sure if this is something really very conversational in nature but
      조심하세요 (choshimhaseyo) would mean take care. Adding 항상 (hangsang) before it would mean always.

  35. hi!
    i really want to know what is my name in hangul and how to pronounce it..
    -veronica is my full name
    -veron is my nickname
    please reply..

    1. my suggested spelling would be 베로니카 (beronika) it would be slightly different when you use your nickname it would be 베론 (beron)

  36. hey..can you translate the name…I really want to know..
    please reply me..

  37. hi…

    my name is noor ilya. can u translate my name ILYA in hangul….

    please translate …..

    thank you 🙂

  38. i’m curious of how my name looks like in hangul…. can you write my name in hangul…my name is Syazana…thanks alot…:P

    1. This is how i would spell your name in hangul 샤자나 (sya-ja-na). there is no z in Hangul and its usually represented by ㅈ.

      1. okay .. I’ll tell you how to spell my name

        Fajria (Fa-ri-je-ya)
        Maulida (Ma-wu-li-da)

        How? can you write my name in hangul and what it means?? please replay!!

  39. thanks for translating my name… i wanted to do name tags for my team and i would like to ask you their names in hangul


    1. shabirah- 샤비라
      shafeeqhah – 샤픽하
      fatin – 파틴
      corrine – 코린
      regine – 래진
      jeraldine – 재랄딘
      josephine – 좋세핀
      avelyn – 아베린
      sarah – 사라

    1. Yup you are right there is no F in Hangul its either associated with ㅍ if the sound is near p sometimes i see 화 (hwa) used as well.
      포린팡 (Po Lin Pang)
      포린팽 (P Lin Paeng) if a in Fang is pronounced a little slang.

      also this may sometimes be read as Rin instead of Lin because the character ㄹ when used a initial character takes the r sound more than L.

    1. i can only write your name in hangul but not translate it. it should be
      마르지 (Mareuji)
      아세니에로 (A-se-ni-ero)

  40. okay .. I’ll tell you how to spell my name

    Fajria (Fa-ri-je-ya)
    Maulida (Ma-wu-li-da)

    How? can you write my name in hangul and what it means?? please replay!!

  41. Hello!!
    Can you translate my simple name in hangul??
    the name is Pak Din
    and also what meaning of this name??
    i really hope that u can help me…kamsahamnida…..(n___n)v..

    1. i am sorry this is the first time i am seeing the word 개봉된. when i read the sentence it would read like
      he or she is or i am in love so
      i tried to google it it means released. sorry will try to ask someone about it.

  42. Hello. can you please translate my name in hangul?

    My name is Pei Jie. but usually i will write it as peijie. I appreciate it lots.. Thanks in advance.

  43. hi!
    i really want to know what is my name in hangul and how to pronounce it..
    -Nizza Joy is my full name
    please reply..

      1. 눌 주라이가 (Nur julaika) there is no z in Korean mostly they use ㅈ (j) when romanized.

  44. hi!just found ur blog..
    its so informative for the beginners,including me..keep up the good work^^
    btw,how to pronounce my name in Hangul? Mine is Siti Zubaidah.

    and people tends to call me 이즈 the correct way to write it?

    thanks alot^^

  45. name is christina natalia and i try to write my name in hangul.. 츨잇딘아 나달리야 is this right for my name???


    1. 눌 (nur) it could actually be pronounced as nul if written this way. ㄹ as final consonant takes the ‘l’ sound than r.
      나비라 (nabila)

  46. Hello can you also translate my name it’s Yla Reyl Jurilla

    or just translate Yla or Yla Reyl ^_^

    can you write it in hangul? thanks~

  47. hai, i wanna ask, do you kno how to translate my name into korean? my chinese name is wei li, and then what is my my korean name?

    1. sorry i can only write your name in hangul but not provide you with a korean name counterpart. you may want to ask a native korean.

  48. hye janey..
    my name is Nur Syahira Zaharin
    can you help me how to write my name in hangul
    Nur Syahira Zaharin

  49. hai!!!can u help me to write my name in hangul?
    my name is nur aziera aina
    my nickname is aziera and aina.
    n btw,how exactly it should be pronounce using korean language?

  50. could u please write my name in hangul..i would really appreciate it.
    my full name is Melania Gusmao
    and my nick name is Mel..Plaese i would really really appriciate it.. 🙂 XD

    1. its hard to write your name in Hangul because there is no c sound in Korean more of shi. i think your name can be written as 메이시 (meishi)

  51. hello there,, im sorry to bother you,, but could you please take a look at my translation,, these are my fried’s name,, i’ve read ur page here and i think there lots of mistake,,
    pinqy = 핀키
    goldie = 골디
    mel = 멸
    bobo = 보보
    umi = 우미
    abil = 아빌
    mat = 맡
    munip = 무닢
    ling = 링
    nab = 납
    una = 우나
    sem = 슴
    tasha = 타사
    ayap = 아얖
    aiman = 아이만
    jula = 주라
    meng = 멩
    elida = 에리다
    seha = 세하
    pg = 피지
    junpyo = 구 준 뵤
    shieda = 씨다
    mira = 미라
    buntal = 분탈
    diba = 디바
    jannah = 잔나
    nadia = 나댜
    jaja = 자자
    adha = 앋하
    nisa = 니사

    1. junpyo = 구 준 뵤 this reads gu jun byo 표 rather than 뵤
      sem = 슴 (seum almost like sim with fast i sound) i would rather write it 샘 or 셈

  52. wahh~!Can u please translate my name too??
    My name is Nurul Amirah

    and my sister name please,Nurul Fatihah.

    can u please help?thnx in advance~!

    1. 누룰 아미라 (nurul amira)
      누룰 화티타 (nurul hwatita) there is no exact f sound in Korean it either you spell it with hard ‘p’ sound or something that resembles its sound like a hwa

  53. hai!!! i’m new to hangul..
    can u help me with tranxlating my name to hangul??
    mine is nur aina
    thx!! gomawo!! ^^

    1. i can’t give name in korean i can only write your name. 아이린 (irene) 종 (chong) 왜이 (wai if pronounced same sa way) or 와이 (wai if wa pronounced as watts) 란 (lin)

  54. hai, can u help me? I want to know what my korean name and how to pronouns it 🙂 thanks..

    -syafiqah syahirah
    -Syerah joe
    -Sherry jay

  55. Hi, can you please show me my name in hangul? My name is Dakoata Davis. yes that is how my name is spelled. It is usualy pronounced the same as the states of North and South Dakota. (da ko ta)/(dah-koe-ta)
    But I do prefer it pronounced Da-ko-uh’ta
    Same as the states, but with a slight ‘a’/’uh’/’ah’ sound where the extra A is.
    Thank you very much!!

    1. 다고타 (dakota) h sound is ㅎ but it’s voiceless when used in between characters and not the initial consonant and sounds ‘ng’ when used as final consonant in some cases. 데이비스 (dabiseu)

  56. hai!!! i’m new to hangul..
    can u help me with translating my name to hangul??
    mine is nur aina
    thx!! gomawo!! ^^

  57. Can I just say this: 전 _____입니다. I’m ______?
    Or: 나는 ____ 입니다.

    PS: I’m getting used to Korean keyboard now! ^_^

    1. it’s the same 저는 or you wrote it the short cut one 전 is a little more formal than 나. according to my friend it’s less formal to use 나 to refer to oneself.

  58. Hey there i am not sure how to write my name in Hangul because the pronunciation is just not there can you help me? Please. Thank you in advance. i am sorry cause i have no website.
    My name is
    Xernie Shika

  59. Hi, can you please help with translating my name into Hangul?
    Mine is Jeslin.
    I tried translating it on my own and I’m not sure whether it is correct or not. (제시린)
    Thanks so much.

    1. it should be 재슬린 (jaeseullin) the way you have written it would be read as 제-je 시-shi 린-rin. ㅅ becomes sh when followed by ㅣ in Hangul.

  60. Hi, could you please help me to find out how to write my name in korean hangul (both forename & surname) thanks

    Jacqueline Tarbuck

  61. Hello …
    Can u translate my name into hangul ??..
    This is my name, friends name ..




    thanx ya .. ^^

  62. hi….
    i would like to ask whether is there the leeter ‘H’ in korean
    because my name is nur athirah….n would you help in writing my name in hangul?? thnx…<3

  63. hi..i also would like to know my name in hangul
    NOR FAZILA and my nick name ILA or meaning of my name is excellent.

    1. i don’t know how to pronounce your name so i can’t write it in hangul. nur on the other hand is easy 눌.

  64. anyeong! i wanna have my korean name. 🙂 the korean names have meaning right? i want mine to be strong lady, or lovely princess. LOL. thanks a lot! PLEASE help. 🙂

    1. 미녀 (minyo) means beautiful lady or a beauty. if you have watched the drama ‘he is beautiful’ the girl who pretended to be guy was actually named minyo but she has to use her brother’s name minam which means pretty man. I don’t know about the other names.

  65. hello..can u help me..i always try to find my name in hangul
    but i can’t..hope u can help me…thanks..kumawo..
    my name is Elvyianah Victoria..

    1. 케잇 or 케이트 for kate but i think i would choose the later.
      빌러돈 (billodon) if you really want to emphasize the r in villordon then you can write 빌러르돈 (billeoreudon)

    1. 딘다 (dina)
      어벼리타 (obyeolita) –> this is my suggestion, r is normally dropped unless given full emphasis. the strong sound of the letter V is only simulated with B.

  66. hiii~
    can you please help me get my name into hangul? ^^
    its shenna (pronounced as she-na, not shee-na)

    1. it’s a bit hard to write your name in hangul particularly exactly the way you wanted it pronounced.
      시예나 (shi-ye-na)
      its actually easier to write sheena 시나 (shina)
      This is because sh can only happen when it is followed by ㅣ or the character that simulates letter i. she (sh-ye) can only be simulated to nearest sound.

      1. here are my suggestions:
        의니엘리 (ui-ni-el-li)
        의녤리 (
        가발예로 (kabalyero)

  67. Annyeong haseyo!What’s my hangul name in character and the romanization?
    Winieli Caballero? gomawo!

  68. my name is Egi how do you write that in korean??
    the way my name is pronounced is the same way how you say baby in korean.

  69. hello can you help me… how to right my name in hangul and romanized?? my name is izzah syazana and my other name is eza

  70. hello can you help me… how to right my name in hangul and romanized?? my name is izzah syazana and my other name is eza

  71. hello, could you maybe translate my name into hangul too? my name is Kim. I listen to a lot of Kpop so i know Kim is a common last name there but is there a difference between last names and surnames? Could you maybe also translate the name of a friend of mine, her name is: Öznur it’s a turkish name.

    thank you.

    1. 김 (kim)
      오즈눌 (Ojeunur) i am not sure if i got the pronunciation right. there is no z in hangul and is replaced by ㅈ (j).

  72. may i know my name in hangul?? 😀
    my name is jaiby (pronounced: JB)

    kamsahamnida! ^_^

    i’m so glad i found your blog 😀 i think i can learn much here 🙂

  73. when one introduces oneself, i often hear ” imnida”… is that a casual way of introducing yourself?? hmmm 🙂

    1. when one introduces oneself, i often hear ” -name- imnida”… is that a casual way of introducing yourself?? hmmm 🙂

    1. 아지즐 (Ajijeul)
      it’s kinda hard to write your name in hangul, this is the closest to the pronunciation that i can possibly make.

    1. 프래시 (peuraeshi) but i think your name will also be written as 프레지 (peurechi). there is no f sound in Korean the nearest sound would be p and ‘c’ as in see has no counterpart.

  74. how do u know? r u korean? or did u learn from someone? can u translate my name into hangul aliya natania 🙂 thankyou

  75. Hey!! Please translate my name in hangul~!!!
    I just found out that my Korean Name is Park Hee Yeon
    Please translate it in Hangul~!!!!!

  76. Hi again,,
    i wanna surprise my friend with a Korean translation of her name…
    “Asma Otaibi”
    but i want it with three characters please, just like Korean names!
    thank u my dear 🙂

  77. unni.. I can’t spell my name (karen) in korean at google translate.. they always give this word (yoja ireum) and (ka-reu-ne).. help me please^^ thank you^^

      1. gomawoyo~~ 😀 you really helped me a lot..Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family~~

  78. Could you please tell me how my name (Danniella) would be written in Hangul? Could you also tell me how my preferred name (Ella) would be written in Hangul as well? Btw, your site is beaut, I’ve been learning so much from it already 😀 xx

    1. 아이멘 (aimen) with ‘a’ sounding like a in about or around
      에이멘 (eimen) with ‘a’ sounding like a in apple

  79. unni, can i know how to write my fullname and nickname in hangul ? its ‘Anis Sabreena’, oh and my nickname ‘Nina’. Plss ? Gomawooooo

  80. Hello, janey_bei,
    can you help me to identify my name in hangul??
    My chinese name is 林志颖 (Lin Zhi Ying)
    Thanks for your help

    1. I am sorry i can only write your name in Hangul but not convert Chinese name to Korean. 린지잉 (Lin Ji Ing)

    1. 캐터린 (kaeteorin) 구아이 (guai) this is the nearest spelling i could do based on pronunciation.

  81. Hi! Can you please write my name in hangul? My name is Jireh it’s pronounced as jayire, thanks! 🙂

    1. 제라 (jera) can’t double the r because in hangul it will be read as jella already.
      에인젤 (e-in–jel)

      1. I just wrote your name in Hangul and did not translate it to a ‘Korean Name’ so the pronunciation will be the same.

  82. Uhm… can I also now how to write and pronounce my name in Hangul? My name is Mikayla but, can I also know Kayla in Hangul? Thanks ^^

    1. 첨 (cheom) 오말 (omal) it’s hard to explain this but the complex sound produced by two consonant is a bit hard to write in hangul. Especially the sound of ‘r’ typically in borrowed words ‘r’ is voiceless. Not all alpahabet character has hangul character counterpart.

  83. Hello,
    Can you tell me how to write my name in Hangul .. My first name is ‘Sumaia’ and my father name is ‘Abdullah’ … Or in short name ‘Su’?

  84. Hello, Uhm i have a question what is my Korean name. My name is Kazel (as in KA of carrot xD) but my friends of mine are calling me as Kazel (as in Ka of Kate) can you help me? KAzel and Kazel (like letter K with zel on the last) That’s all thank you

    1. If you are confuse about my name/s okay I will make it clear hehe 1st: Kazel as in KA-zel like CArrot (just make it K) 2nd: Kazel as letter K and zel (just put letter A after letter K) I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance

  85. hello can i know my name in hangul?
    my name is yusra benzellot
    i really want to know i try write my name in hangul but i can’t do it so please help me

  86. first, can you translate my name? it’s Coraleigh 🙂 second, if I found the hangul for Cora and the hangul for Leigh, would I be able to just smoosh them together or would the placement of the A and the L affect the hangul characters used? thanks!

    1. 코랄레이 (ko-ral-le-i) this is my recommendation. As you may know the letter r and l share the same character in hangul.

    1. 하씬다 this is my recommended spelling ha-shin-ta unfortunately there is no counterpart for sound c or see in hangul.

      1. I’ve done a bit of research on Hangul and stuff lately… Do you think 자센타 would work? I mean, ja-sen-ta and ja-sin-ta sound very similar. Also, when using the ‘e’ letter instead of the ‘i’ letter, you don’t have the ‘shi’ sound, which is better, yes? What’s your opinion? 🙂

  87. Hi there! I was wondering if you could translate my name, Kierstyn, for me! I’ve looked everywhere but, because it’s an odd name, I can’t seem to find the translation. Thanks a lot!! 🙂

  88. Hey o: I would like to ask how my (vietnamese) name is written in Hangul (Sry my english is very bad ^^’) My first name is ‘Kim Ngan’ my surname is ‘Võ’.. So the ‘Ng’ and ‘n’ are pronounced like ㅇBut it is at the beginning so it won’t be pronounced.. how do i write it? x’DD Kim is written like this because it’s not my surname or not? D: 금 @.@ And Võ? [It’s pronaunced like ‘vaw’ here at 0:57 x’DD Sorry to ask so many things ;n; ~

    1. sadly i also don’t know how to write ngan 😦 kim is 김 but you are write ㅇ only sounds ‘ng’when its final character

  89. Annyeonghaseyo!!! 😊👋
    How can I write my name in hangul? I have opened lots of website just to write my name in hangul but I’m not satisfied.
    My name is Krizzia Joanne
    Gomawo!!! 😘❤️

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