My Name is…

After knowing how to greet people the 한극  way, it is just logical to know how to introduce yourself.  This is just the basic way:

제 이름은 <your name>이에요. This is similar to saying ‘My name is <actual name>.  You can just simply put your English name written in alphabet but if you know how to write your name in 한글 it would be better.  Like my name Jane is spelled 제 인.  So i can introduce myself as 제 이름은 제 인 이에요 (Che i-reum-un JeIn-i-eyo).  제 can be replaced with 제가 (che-ga) or 나는 (na-nun) which both means ‘I’.

Word for the day 문 (moon) which means door.


Greetings at Work

I have learned that there is specific way to great people at work.  Now it seems that the 안녕 greetings are the generic ones.   There is specific greetings for people in the workplace or if you are in s similar situation (case where there is work to be done).

수고하습니다 (su-go-ha-sum-ni-da) is saying hello to someone who is working

수고하세요 (su-go-ha-se-yo) is saying goodbye to someone who is working

수고하겼어요 (su-go-ha-kyo-sso-yo) is like saying thank you for helping me or well done

Word for the day 집 (jip) which means house.