Thank you and I’m Sorry

I am having fun while reading my Elementary Korean book.  I am currently on the first 2 chapters and I am taking time to understand each chapter.  These chapters focused more on the common phrases used in Korea. I am trying to master them.  These are some that I learned to write and pronounce easily:

감사함니다   (kam-sa-ham-ni-da)  this is the polite way to say thank you, another way could be 고맙습니다 

I have also learned the colloquial way to say thank you, this is what you normally hear on dramas and movies specially when people of the same age level are speaking with each other 고맙다 (ko-map-ta) or 고마워 (ko-ma-wa)

One of the commonly used phrase too is ‘I am sorry’. The formal polite way to say this in hangul is 미안합니다 (mi-an-ham-ni-da) or  죄송합니다 (chwe-song-ham-ni-da).  If you have been watching movie with subtitles, you will likewise hear this word which corresponds to sorry too, 미안해 (mianhae which almost sounds like bi-ya-ne).

Word for the day is 답장 (dap-jang) which means reply.